On this weeks episode Aviv and Matt view and review season 4 episode 2 - Deception!  Aviv comes out the gate and calls out that the guys haven't been keeping up as quickly on posting eps as usual (sorry guys!)  Aviv confuses the start of a season for the middle by claiming this weeks episode is the middle of the fourth season.  The guys make reference to Mean Girls by calling out the fact that Aaron Samules is in this episode and discuss how this episode aired/was filmed very close to when Mean Girls was shot.  Aviv discusses finishing up his shoot with his students over the weekend and his deleting of 600+ emails.  The guys go into takedown corner for a second to discuss Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which Aviv surprisingly defends.  Aviv dives deep on the concept of nuking the fridge and gives some trivia on where the concept came from.  The guys also discuss Siafu ants and a terrible but awesome documentary about them.  All this and much more!


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