Episode 49 - S3E6 - Redemption

May 11, 2017

On this weeks episode the guys view and review season three episode 6 - Redemption!  Aviv dons a horrible southern accent for the intro.  The guys debate if Texas is southerns or just a whole different thing.  Aviv talks about how this time of year he is constantly getting sick, a sickness called SARS - Sudden Aviv Rubenstein Syndrome.  The guys call out the fact that its been a while since they recorded, edited, and posted episodes (sorry guys!).  Matt and Aviv dig into the mailbag and respond to your comments and questions!  Shout out to everyone who wrote in to us, we love feedback!  Matt and Aviv discuss how dogs are starting to have their day on the internet and how they are both strongly in favor of this development.  The guys get real and say how the internet isn't for dogs or cats, its really for porn.  Matt and Aviv come up with theories about why it is that cat videos became so popular on the internet.  All this and more!


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