Episode 48 - S3E5 - Tangled

May 3, 2017

On this weeks espisode Aviv and Matt view and review season 3 episode 5 - Tangled!  The guys have much to say about this Disney classic, an are shoecked that it involves such adult themes.  Just kidding you guys.  THe guys discuss how if you're going to hire a hitman, spend the money and get a good one, its totally worth it.  Matt comments that this episode has a split personality, and Aviv discusses taking fingerprints from the inside of someone's asshole.  Matt talks about his and Cassies plans for Cassie's birthday and Aviv comments on the gap between his and Matt's life updates on the pod.  Matt tells Aviv about a pipe break at his parents house and the ineptitude of the plumers in finding the break using a camera.  Aviv may or may not have detailed his similar experience with pipes bursing and him getting a bunch of his shit replaced due to the pipe burst.  He then recounts his experience with BU and the case of a missing mattress/furniture.  All this and much more!


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