Episode 45 - S3E2 - Wrath

March 26, 2017

On this weeks episode Matt and Aviv view and review season 3 episode 2 - Wrath!  Matt gives a big ol fuck you shout out to Cox cable due to the technical difficulties the guys encountered while recording this episode, and Aviv gives a crash course on the difference between a mega bit and a mega byte (and how the cable companies use their informational advantage to screw the consumer).  Aviv also explains how a 5GHz internet isn't actually faster, but actually just less crowded (and thus faster).  Matt also gives a birthday shout out to his mom (happy birthday Mrs. Reuter!) and Aviv talks about how he is performing a wedding for his cousin.  Aviv also talks about how he met his first oscar winner, Lou Gossic Jr. who is going to be in a movie that he wrote.   Aviv reveals that this is his favorite SVU episode to date, while Matt agrees the episode is great but has its flaws.  All this and much more!


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