Episode 43 - S2E21 - Scourge

February 21, 2017

On this weeks episode Matt and Aviv view and review the finale of season 2; season 2 episode 21 - Scourge!  Aviv right out of the gates admits that he apparently smells horrible and he will use the smell to knock people out and kill them similar to the bad guy in this episode.  The guys discuss how smelling all the time would make it difficult to maintain a relationship and if fighting crime would some how make that relationship last.  The guys also discuss the great SNL character the Continental played by Christopher Walken.  Matt offers a peek behind the curtian and warns that this episode may be the last as the day following recording was the day that President Trump was sworn in (don't worry guys, there are more episodes to come).  Matt and Aviv have their first ever podcast fight as the two disagree on if this episode is good or not; Aviv thinks no (if not for the final quarter of the episode) and Matt is in full favor of the episode.  All this and much more!


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