Episode 42 - S2E20 - Pique

February 14, 2017

On this weeks episode Matt and Aviv review season 2 episode 20 - Pique!  It's the moment we've all been waiting for, its the first episode featuring B.D. Wong!  The guys welcome to the podcast very special guest Amalea Chininis, founder of the B. D. Wong fan twitter page!  The gang talks about how absolutely nuts this episode is and how it genuinely made Matt uncomfortable.  Aviv comments on the apparent backlash amongst SVU super fans about season 18. Aviv shares a very special David Lynch story (David Lynch yelled at Aviv from his car!)  Aviv shares his code names for his plan to lose weight in the new year (operation melt the snow and operation Greek statue).  The podcast takes a turn and becomes an audio version of the SNL sketch 'the Californians' as Aviv describes his walking route on his way to unintentionally meeting David Lynch.  Aviv also describes another David Lynchian episode of his day when he recounts seeing a clown in a black trench coat with a rubber chicken on a carribeaner at 7:30 in the morning in Hollywood.  Amalea shares that she is a fan of both SVU and Criminal Intent, and yet again Matt and Aviv question if they're the weird ones for not liking Criminal Intent.  All this and much more!


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