Episode 41 - S2E19 - Parasites

January 27, 2017

On this weeks episode Matt and Aviv review Season 2 episode 19 of SVU - Parasites!  Aviv calls out the fact that we've been a bit absent the past couple weeks (sorry guys, we're going to do better!)  The guys debate in their relationship who would be dead and who would be the imposter assuming the others life.  Aviv recounts his horrible trip to the dentist and how much he dislikes the dentist.  Aviv reveals that he listened to This American Life while in the chair (shout out to This American Life!)  Aviv goes fishing for an endorsement from Gentle Dental, which we will surely not get.  Matt and Aviv respond to a Twitter question of who the president will be byt the time the guys finish watching all seasons of SVU.  Aviv predicts it will be Kanye West's 4th term, Matt guesses the reanimated corpse of Hollywood Hulk Hogan.  All that and much more!


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