Episode 40 - S2E18 - Manhunt

December 31, 2016

On this weeks episode the guys review season 2 episode 18 - Manhunt! Matt and Aviv welcome friend of the show, musician Matt Oleskiewicz, to discuss this weeks episode.  Matt makes it a point to use the rap airhorn sound as much as possible when he makes a joke to add to his guest appearance. Matt Oleskiewicz reveals that he is not actually a fan of SVU but instead a fan of Law and Order Criminal Intent.  Matt breaks down why he is a fan of C.I.  Everyone discusses how great the Mighty Ducks 2 is as a movie and how it is far superior to Mighty Ducks 3.  Aviv discusses how Jeff Goldblum plays jazz piano at a bar down the street from his house in L.A.  Matt Oleskiewicz discusses why he loves C.I. and what the draw is compared to original recipe and SVU.  Matt points out that in this weeks episode, for those playing the SVU drinking game, that this episode has a ton of heavy hitting drinks, and the guys discuss Ice-T's transition from being a rap artist who raps about killing cop, to playing a cop on TV.  At the end of this weeks episode Matt Oleskiewicz sings a little SVU holiday themed song on the spot.


Matt, Aviv, and Matt want to say we hope you all had a great holiday and have a very happy New Years!  Be safe everyone; use uber/lyft/cabs when getting around on New Years!


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