Episode 34 - S2E12 - Secrets

October 16, 2016

On this weeks episode the guys review season 2 episode 12 - Secrets!  Aviv and Matt give some insight on how they met at a sex dungeon.  Aviv talks about the field day he participated in over Labor Day Weekend (including ultimate frisbee while listening to Dave Matthews Band and Cornhole...the game not the sex act or maybe both).  Matt recounts his backpacking trip and bear encounter (in the event this podcast comes to an abrupt end, assume Matt and Cassie have been eaten by bears).   Aviv talks about his new script he finished and his dilemma with horses.  The guys talk about Jeff Goldblum and his Jazz show before transitioning into talking about this weeks very graphic episode.  Aviv turns into Stephan from SNL in this week's 60 second recap, and the hosts try to explain how difficult this episode was to follow at points.  All this and much more!

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