On this week's episode hosts Aviv and Matt view and review season 8 episode 20 of SVU - Annihilated!  Matt mixes things up by not giving Aviv a full countdown to start the show.  Matt mixes up who he would be if the guys ported over their relationship to the relationships in this weeks bonkers episode.  Matt gets really hung up on so many things in this week's episode that just do not make sense, Aviv loves this week's episode!  The guys discuss how the numbers for WSW are awful, but are committed to carrying on!  The guys also discuss the fact that Aviv is going to be in Seattle the day that this episode drops and they may or may not be seeing Fast and Furious 9 while up in Seattle.  Matt's life has settled down now that Cassie has started her new job and is enjoying the more tame routine life.  All this and much more!

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