Episode 178 - S8E17 - Sin

On this weeks episode hosts Aviv and Matt view and review season 8 episode 17 of SVU - Sin!  The guys are honored to have one of the hosts of the These are Their Stories Podcast - the wonderful Rebecca Lavoie!  Rebecca does throw some shade, but ya know, game recognize game.  The guys join an alliance with formal 'rivals' from the TATS podcast against the rising tide of SVU podcasts that have sprung up during COVID.  All this and much more! 

Give us a rate and review wherever fine podcasts are sold, tweet at us @svupodcast (which we cannot stress enough is the official podcast of Law and Order SVU, and you can take that to the bank, the blood bank senator!) and for longer and weirder stuff send us an email sepcialviewingunit@gmail.com


For real, everyone, give a listen to the These are Their Stories podcast, follow their hosts Kevin Flynn and Rebecca Lavoie, they are the best people and their pod kicks fucking ass.  Enhance the community!

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