On this weeks episode hosts Aviv and Matt view and review season 6 episode 6 of SVU - Conscience! Matt regrets the fact that he and Aviv won't be able to finish reviewing all episodes of SVU as they will likely die of the Corona virus, so the lifelong work will never be complete!  Matt also shares a bleak story about how bad things are that his fish killed itself by jumping out of its tank.  This story leads Aviv to wear his tin foil hat and hatches a conspiracy theory that there's COVID in the water!  The guys explain where the world is at the time of recording (its much worse now than it was then).  Matt also goes on a rant about being able to bring larger hand sanitizer bottles onto planes but only hand sanitizer, thus showing how these liquid restrictions on planes is such bullshit.  Aviv chimes in to point out that most rules we adhere to in times of crisis are generally revealed to be arbitrary and bullshit to begin with.  All that and much more!

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