Episode35 - S0213 - Victims

October 25, 2016

On this weeks episode Matt and Aviv view and review season 2 episode 14 - victims!  Aviv drags his feet on the intro and stumbles over his words while threatening to take over the podcast.  Aviv mentions that he can't hear or think about the color orange without thinking about Donald Trump.  The guys tease a special hot take election special!  Aviv predicts a presidential victory for president Bartlett from the West Wing this November, Matt predicts that a giant meteor will win the election with a running mate of Paul Ryan.  The guys speculate on Paul Ryan's music preferences, and Matt recounts his one encounter with the Speaker of the House.  Aviv gives the Speaker some absolutely horrible career advice in a really weird turn and the guys come up with a buddy movie/show with Ryan Locte and Paul Ryan. Aviv gives a plug for his movie The Anchorite (now available on amazon and iTunes, go check it out).  All this and much more!

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