On this weeks episode that is just absolutely jam packed with holiday cheer Aviv and Matt view and review season 3 episode 22 - Competence!  The guys come out in possibly the worst mood they've ever been in after watching an episode of SVU and try to compensate with overly friendly tones.  Aviv talks about how he broke his caps lock while taking notes and Matt had a lot of fun getting Aviv's texts in real time as he watched the episode.  Aviv puts out a disclaimer that he and Matt are going to say some fucked up stuff during the review (reminder this is a comedy/TV and film podcast).  Aviv desparis as he realizes he has to do a 60 second recap and begins weaping as he does so and the guys marvel at James Badge Dale's depiction of a person with mental disabilities.  All this and much more!


Aviv and Matt want to wish everyone a very happy holiday season, next ep will be back up after the new year!


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