On this weeks episode Matt and Aviv welcome on special guest comedian Kwasi Mensah to view and review season 3 episode 14 - Counterfeit!  Aviv lets everyone know there was some technical difficulties with Kwasi's mic toward the ean (just a heads up, we know, we're sorry!)  Matt stumbles right outta the gate with the title of the podcast and is ridiculed for it.  Aviv addresses the delay in posting episodes and how it affects the discuccion of current events and how we will not be doing so from here forward (probably not).  Kwasi discusses how he should have believed the Nigerian Prince email he received so he could have been a millionaire!  Aviv recounts his famous bagel story, and a brand new antisemetic sotry from when he was an assistant director on a movie in hilarious fashion.  Kwasi talks about his new hour of stand up and the tough choices comedians have to make about their material.  Kwasi reveals that he is apparently on a first name basis with Robert DeNiro (he calls him Bob!)  All this and much more!


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