On this episode Matt and Aviv view and review season 3 episode 13 - Prodigy!  The guys are both really sick but powering through for you, the listeners.  Matt blames Aviv for getting him sick from across the country and Aviv threatens to not edit out any coughs or sneezes.  Matt talks about his trip to Kansas City and Aviv talks about how he never knew that Kansas City is only one city, not two different cities.  Matt talks about how he finally got his fishtank back up and running and breaks the very sad news that the mascot of the podcast died, RIP Eelliott Stabler.  Aviv talks about Matt's mom and a touching moment they had at Matt's wedding.  Aviv talks about his Hulu watchlist being the Handmaids Tale and the Bachelor and the guys try to reconcile that.  Aviv defends himself and how his television tastes have evolved away from enjoying reality TV.  The hosts dive into the mailbag, and the guys debate what is even worth talking about regarding politics on the podcast given how quickly the news cycle is moving lately.  All this and much more!


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