On this weeks episode Matt and Aviv view and review season 3 episode 13 - Protection!  Its Matts first episode as a married man!  The guys call out how there are very few things to lovingly make fun of in tonights episode, not alot of absurdity  So strap in listeners!  Aviv also discusses how rough this ep was with his mild face blindness.  Matt tells Aviv and the listeners about his lovely wedding and his honeymoon.  Aviv recalls how Matt's new brother in law Ryan successfully managed to Rick-Roll Matt and Cassie, a difficult task pulled off perfectly.  Matt raves about his honeymoon in Italy and how great the food is there.  While discussing the wedding and the honeymoon Aviv actually discovers his invitation and RSVP to Matt's wedding ironically enough.  The guys dive into the mailbag and discover.  Matt discusses how he could buy farm fresh tupperwear on the side of the highway all over Italy (not really).  Aviv discusses how he flew from Matt's wedding to go and perform a wedding and what that experience was like.  Aviv asks listeners how often a person is supposed to replace athletic shoes, let us know!  All this and much more!


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