Episode 52 - S3E9 - Care

June 10, 2017

Matt is back from his wedding and honeymoon and is back writing the blurbs!  This week Matt and Aviv view and review season 3 episode 9 - Care!  The guys struggle to figure out how to lovingly make fun of this weeks episode - they strike a dire tone right out the gates.  Matt reveals that this weeks episode forced him to switch from beer to whiskey while watching and reviewing this weeks episode because holy shit this one is rough.  Aviv and Matt open up the mailbag and explain why some epsidoes are not available on iTunes but are available on podbean (check it out for back episodes).  The guys also talk about th orgins of Code Adam and Aviv is on the defense for a great many things.  He also talks about how he scored Hamilton tickets (fuck you Aviv!)  Aviv also invites all fans to Matt's wedding while Matt protests the invites (not that we don't love you guys).  All this and much much more!


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