Episode 39 - S2E17 - Folly

December 18, 2016

On this weeks episode Matt and Aviv review SVU season 2 episode 17 - Folly!  The guys talk about how even if the internet didn't exist, that they would still be doing exactly what they do each week on the podcast; watch and loving ridicule SVU.  Matt and Aviv discuss how similar phone handsets and shower heads appear on TV.  The guys also discuss their Thanksgivings respectively and Aviv mentions his favorite part of editing the podcast is bleeping things out.  Also, Matt's social security number might be on the back of the Mona Lisa, the guys genuinely hope to set off a National Treasure style hunt for his social security number.  Aviv goes into detail about how much he hates tupperware and why he hates it so much.  Aviv also details how his mild face blindness works and how it is actually not like a green screen scenario.  The guys also introduce their first ever mailbag segment!  All this and more!


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