Episdoe 53 - S3E10 - Ridicule

June 21, 2017

On this weeks episode the guys view and review season 3 episode 10 - Ridicule!  Aviv comes hot out the gates witha  horrible Irish accent attempt and then abandons that immediately.  Matt fully admits that he and Aviv have zero idea about the law and they infact are not lawyers.  Matt shares his experience taking the LSAT and writing in cursive.  Aviv lets everyone in on the fact that he threw his back out, and he talks about how when on conference calls he doesn't want to be on Aviv will walk around and pick up stuff with his feet in his apartment.  Matt talks about the last things that are getting ticked off the list in the lead up to his wedding.  The guys dive into the mailbag; they address why they started this podcast rather than starting with original recipe.  Aviv struggles to tell the difference between Tom Hardy and Logan Marshall Greene.  The guys tease setting up a P.O. box for snail mail and request sugar and alcohol be sent.  All this and much more!

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