Episode 54 - S3E11 - Monogamy

June 30, 2017

On this weeks episode Aviv and Matt view and review season 3 episode 11 of SVU - Monogamy!  Aviv impersonates Ron Livingston and the guys fumble their way through the opening to the actual episode.  The guys discuss the PSA from the 70's (or 80's?) with the Native American who cries at the site of roadside trash...and how that guy wasn't Native American he was actually Italian.  The guys also discuss who would be a good stand in to do an anti littering PSA these days (they land on Chris Hemsworth).  Matt gives an update on his wedding planning.  Aviv comments on how this weeks episode is much more linear in its story telling compared to most other episodes of SVU.  Aviv makes a strong statement that Psychologists should not perform abortions in the backs of Escalades.  John Ritter guests on this weeks episode of the show in a particularly fucked up episode.  All this and much more!


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