Eisode 47 - S3E4 - Rooftop

April 15, 2017

On this weeks episode Aviv and Matt view and review season 3 episode 4 - Rooftop!  Aviv's life is apparently on fire as he sits and drinks a cup of coffee in his living room.  He also gives everyone some insight on his his tax returns and the guys discuss the line on a tax form that permits people to donate money to the government and why actually does that.  Matt points out the style of the detectives in this weeks episode is 'you miss 100% of the shots you don't take'.  Matt makes a public service announcement:  if getting married, elope or pay someone to deal with all the wedding planning.  Aviv shares a story of the previous wedding he went to in a barn and the disaster that was the seating arrangement at the wedding.  All this and much more!


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